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5 Watase Yuu Icons! [09 Oct 2010|03:51pm]

Haven't posted in this community for a while now, but I have 5 Watase Yuu icons!


( Follow the fake cut for the other two! )

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Ayashi no Ceres poster for sale! [24 Sep 2010|03:14pm]

Dear all,

I'm selling an Ayashi no Ceres poster on eBay [[ HERE ]]
Please feel free to take a look ~

Happy shopping & good luck bidding!! ^_^

Thank you!
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2 fanlistings: Scarlet & Aki&Aya [14 Oct 2009|02:53pm]

I've finally got the chance to own two Ayashi no Ceres fanlistings I absolutely adore <3.
Please join if you like the subject, you don't have to own a website to do it! :3

Glass rose

[The Scarlet (Ayashi no Ceres OP theme) fanlisting]


Part of me

[The AkixAya fanlisting]
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Welcome to Seikatsu [17 Aug 2009|12:16am]

Game: S e i k a t s u
Fandom: Au multi-fandom
Location: LiveJournal
Link to Game: futsunoseikatsu
Opening/Opened: Aug 28th!
Time Setting: Current
Contact: futsuseikatsu
Age Limit: 13 and up
Restrictions: No oc's, or real life characters (ex: Harry Potter)

Read more...Collapse )
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unWonderland - a multifandom RPG [16 Aug 2009|11:37pm]

down the rabbit hole, into the wolf denCollapse )
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The Dollsyhouse: A multifandom RP [07 Jun 2009|08:41am]

The Dollsyhouse: A multifandom RPG.Collapse )

We don't have any Ayashi no Ceres characters yet, but we'd love to see some! ♥
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[19 Mar 2009|06:11pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Titel: I love you

Disclaimer: Not mine.

The first time I saw you was the first time


I thought I found someone


that would fit perfectly to me


and I became feelings


I never felt before...


They became so strong that


I couldn't stop thinking of you!


I wanted to tell you..but


someone told you before


and so you rejected me..!


That nearly broke my Heart!!


but I couldn't stop loving you


I wished I could look into your


beautiful green eyes and see...


that you feel the same...!


© by Eumel


Please leave comments!!!!

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STARFUCKERS _ brought to you by CEDOCORE [09 Mar 2009|12:08am]

Don't drink the water... + A New Roleplay Looking for All FandomsCollapse )
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The Sky Tides: An AU Multifandom Steampunk Air Pirates RP [08 Nov 2008|09:42pm]


It's an age of piracy like you've never seen it before.

On the floating continent of Reial, tensions run high as two opposing countries stand on the verge of war. To the west, there's Vohemar, a land that supports so few laws that it's made a nation of cutthroats and scoundrels. To the east, there's Ivona, a refined country that remains a leader in production and technology, yet the corruption here reaches deeper than most can imagine. Some choose not to pick a side at all, and either help or hinder either side depending on their whims.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A multifandom AU game focused around airships, with a steampunk setting. Completely remade from its previous version. We now have a brand new ship with most positions available!

Game Information

Rules ¤ Taken/Wanted ¤ Reservations ¤ Application

Faction Information ¤ Ship Crew List

FAQ ¤ Geography ¤ Glossary

Friends Add ¤ Pimping Code ¤ Hiatus/Mod Contact Post

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[21 Oct 2008|01:56am]

Hi all!
I have some very nice Ayashi no Ceres items for sale
[[ HERE ]] !
Please feel free to check out everything, thank you! ^_^

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[20 Sep 2008|01:51am]


'Family' is important, so what better way to enjoy some time off from the job then by taking a vacation to 'Mafia Land.'

Come enjoy the The Park, stay at our Hotels, if you're 'made' then you get your own villa, if you're not, then there are plenty of other jobs to take.

Oh...You're wondering why you would need to work while on vacation?

Well...It's a dog eat dog world when you can't find a way to leave...

Come...Join the Family.

Alla Morte

Game Opens September 22

All Are welcomed to join.
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[15 Sep 2008|09:01pm]

If this is against the rules, please feel free to delete this post.

New Panfandom World Creation RPG - More info beneath the cut!Collapse )
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[07 Sep 2008|09:41pm]

Hi! I have a gorgeous Ayashi no Ceres Japanese artbook for sale in my store! It's only $20 and it can be found in the Misc. section. ^^ So just head on over to Panda Sales to check it out! Thanks! ^o^
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Sharing a few icons! [06 Sep 2008|04:32pm]
- Ayashi no Ceres (7)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(the moon hangs a dangerous height)
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Somnio RPG - Multifandom [30 Aug 2008|12:20pm]

thought [thawt]
1. the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought.
2. the capacity or faculty of thinking, reasoning, imagining, etc.: All her thought went into her work.
3. perhaps the simplest and yet the most complicated aspect of humanity: control the world’s thoughts, and you control the world.

Humans cannot be trusted enough to think and act on their own. Emotion and instinct block out rational thought far too often, and people become dangerous – to themselves, to others and to the very world itself.

And that is why research facilities – such as this one – are located across the nation; to monitor, research, and learn to control human thought.

The best lead discovered so far is, in fact, one’s dreams – the rawest, deepest and most natural form of thought. This facility in particular has become quite dedicated to researching the dreams of its ‘guests’ – despite what they may know or think they know.

Controlling their thoughts, after all, is what we strive to do.

Opening Soon!

Further Reading
More InformationFacility Information
Rules and How to PlayTaken Characters and ReservationsApplying
Player ContactMod ContactAdvertising Code
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[ multifandom roleplay ] [28 Aug 2008|02:04am]

Mods, if this isn't allowed, please feel free to remove! (:

WASTELAND, a multifandom post-apocalypse RPG.Collapse )
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Artbook [25 Aug 2008|11:08am]

Hi all! I just put an Ayashi no Ceres artbook on my selling journal (under misc). I also have all 3 soundtracks (but they're bootleg T_T I got them years ago, before I knew they were bootleg). And I have tons of other anime merchandise if you're interested. Please check it out. ^^

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WOW! [05 Aug 2008|09:48pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I just realized this community is 7 years old!

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Selling Ceres Celestial Legend Manga [30 Jun 2008|08:36pm]

Hello I'm currently selling the entire 14 volume manga series of Ayashi no Ceres (in english). In very good condition!!! If you would like to offer me money (USD) or trade manga for it please comment me at my journal here
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The Sky Tides AU Multifandom RP [29 Jun 2008|12:26am]


THE SKY TIDES: An AU sky Pirate Multifandom RP!Collapse )
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